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Savannah Classical Academy lends laptops to students with limited access for home learning

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTGS) — The Savannah Classical Academy is trying to make at-home learning easier for all of its students.

On Wednesday, they held a laptop drive through to get their “technology take-out.”

Students have different accessibility levels at home, and providing them with laptops can help them better keep up with their school work.

Families came to pick them up from school officials who were practicing social distancing and wearing proper protective gear.

“All of our teachers have what we call power hours where they have three hours during the day that they’re providing live support and half of that is through video conferencing and then some of that bleed over from those classes where they need additional help, so this allows us to have direct instruction with our students,” said Executive Director of Savannah Classical Academy Barry Lollis.

They provided 100 laptops to students who have limited online access at home.

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