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What is a Classical Education? 

Classical education is rooted in the ancient Greek philosophy that the purpose of education is provide a better citizenry. Classical education uses great literature, great music, great art, rigorous and challenging study in language arts, including Spanish as a second language and teaching of Latin and Greek roots, science, and history to educate children in the ways of civil society. The Savannah Classical Academy will provide children a challenging content-rich education. 

What’s happening at SCA: 

  • Mastery of core subjects will take priority. 
  • Literacy will be taught through an explicit phonics program in the elementary grades. 
  • Math will be taught conceptually.  
  • All students will study history using mainly primary source documents, which will foster analytical skills and increased insight into culture and heritage. 
  • All students will be trained in study skills such as time management, organization, note taking and research. 
  • Instruction in the classical virtues will be integrated throughout the curriculum and at all grade levels. 
  • The study of Latin and Greek roots will be integrated into the curriculum. 
  • The instructional day will be extended by 60 minutes each day, providing an additional 300 minutes of instructional time per week and an additional 180 hours per year. 
  • Riggs Explicit Phonics K-2 
2nd Semester Student Calendar

The student calendar for the second semester of our 2020-21 school year has been updated. The calendar now has Student Independent Learning Days (SILD). For the days marked as SILD students will not report to SCA. Students will remain home to complete assignments specifically planned for those days. Teachers will give SILD assignments the Monday prior to the SILD. These are not virtual learning days. Students will not need technology for these days. SILD’s were added to February, March, and April.

Join our team, Be a SPARTAN, Teach Near the BEACH –
View the Savannah Classical Academy Grade Level Promotion Criteria by clicking here.

Be Virtuous.

Be Studious.

The Mission of Savannah Classical Academy is to provide every child with a classical and academically rigorous education while instilling a commitment to civic virtue and moral character.

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