Upper School

SCA offers high quality and rigorous coursework complemented with a multitude of experiential learning opportunities.

Whether through classical literature, foreign languages, mathematics, arts, sciences, or humanities, Upper School faculty and staff provide engaging instruction that promotes high expectations for all students to broaden students’ conceptual and critical thinking abilities.


Grade levels for Upper School


Average class size for Upper School


SCA believes in providing a well-rounded education that also supports students in becoming positive, contributing citizens to our local and global community. Varying by grade-level, SCA students participate in off-campus experiential learning opportunities and philanthropic activities.

Because of the education they received at SCA, graduates will be able to navigate today’s competitive society by being able to think critically, work collaboratively with others and act with civic and moral virtue in order to thrive and succeed throughout adulthood.

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Middle School

Curriculum Info

Middle School

Course Offerings

  • English-Language Arts

  • Math

  • Science

  • Social Studies

  • Foreign Language

  • Computer Science/STEM

  • Music

  • Orchestra

  • Piano

  • Art

  • Physical Education

HIGH School

Curriculum Info

High School

Course Sequence

9th Grade

  • 9th Grade Literature & Composition

  • Algebra I

  • Physics

  • AP World History

  • Health & Physical Education

10th Grade

  • 10th Grade Literature & Composition

  • Algebra II

  • Biology

  • American Government

  • Spanish I & Spanish II

11th Grade

  • American Literature & Composition

  • Geometry

  • Chemistry or Forensic Science

  • AP US History

12th Grade

  • World Literature & Composition

  • Advanced Mathematical Decision Making

  • AP Environmental Science

  • Economics

HIGH School


High School

Community Service

One hundred (100) hours of Community Service is required for graduation. Students should complete at least 25 hours per year accumulating 100 hours by the end of their first semester of senior year. Students may begin their community service hours the summer before ninth grade.