Savannah-area schools find virtual options to keep the music playing

By Barbara Augsdorfer Posted Sep 7, 2020 at 7:01 AM   

Music at Savannah Classical Academy

Music education starts very early for students at Savannah Classical Academy — the only charter school within SCCPSS to offer in-person instruction.

“In kindergarten through fifth grade, students study art, Spanish, general music and PE,” said Barry Lollis, SCA’s executive director. “Starting in third grade, students have the option to begin string [instruments].”

Before COVID, students had private lessons and practice time individually on campus before combining into small groups and finally the full ensemble. But this year, students practice individually at home, teachers conduct individual lessons via Zoom where children learn new pieces, according to Lollis.

“Once they learn the pieces, then they [will] come together [to play] in small groups and finally, the full ensemble. We’re very hopeful that all of our students will be able to return to campus [soon].”

Students with no musical experience are welcome. These beginning students will be given a melodica, a “free-reed” keyboard instrument, on which to learn music reading and basic fingering.