SCA Unveils Newly Restored Gymnasium

On Thursday, Savannah Classical Academy (SCA) students, faculty and supporters joined together for the official unveil of the public charter school’s newly restored gymnasium. SCA Director Barry Lollis and Board President Scott McGhie recognized donors who helped fund this project and updated attendees on SCA’s recent successes. Lollis also included the school’s student body in the special occasion by mixing in some lighthearted moments, recognizing students who achieved honor roll and high honor roll, as well as those with perfect attendance. And, as an entertaining reward for students who helped with a recent initiative, Lollis concluded the event by taking a pie to the face, along with another faculty member, courtesy of two SCA kindergarteners. 

Commemorating this special event, the SCA boys’ basketball team and girls’ volleyball team, who recently made it to the 2018 GHSA volleyball state playoffs, competed in a lively volleyball game. This friendly game served as a special opportunity for these students to play in front of all of their peers, which they have never been able to do in the past. Prior to this renovation, the gymnasium, although used as an exercise space, was ineligible to host sporting events as it did not meet the state’s standards. However, because of this restoration project, beginning in the 2019-20 school year, SCA will be able to host basketball and volleyball games in Spartan’s Gym.

The restored gymnasium – funded through community supporters’ generous donations – features the craftsmanship, artistry and labor of many locals, including muralist Adolfo Hernández Alvarado. SCA has recognized The Hodge Foundation – an organization created through an endowment left by Sarah Mill Hodge designated to helping relieve the suffering of the people of Chatham County – for its significant donation to the project.