Savannah Classical Academy Recognizes Local Veteran’s Charity with Donation and Special Program

Savannah Classical Academy (SCA) honored our nation’s veterans and active-duty military members with its annual Veteran’s Day program at the school.

SAVANNAH, GA. – Nov. 10, 2022 – Today, Savannah Classical Academy (SCA) honored our nation’s veterans and active-duty military members with its annual Veteran’s Day program at the school, located on 705 E Anderson Street. The program concluded with SCA presenting a check to the local chapter of Disabled American Veterans for funds raised by the students and faculty. 

Every year, SCA pays a special tribute with this program to veterans bringing awareness to the valor, sacrifice and service of military members and their families. The program featured student speakers, special presentations, a “missing man” ceremony, and an opportunity for students to honor our nations local veterans.  

SCA students presented and retired the colors which are vital to every Veteran’s Day program. Students observed military procedures to gain a deeper respect for the American flag and all that it represents. SCA’s music and strings program along with other student performers provided musical selections during the program which invoked a spirit of patriotism and taught students the importance of patriotic music and its place in American culture.  

“Savannah Classical Academy’s students, faculty, and staff were pleased to raise money for Savannah’s local chapter of Disabled American Veterans. We want to continue to use this Veteran’s Day program as a way to thank each and every one of our active military members, retired veterans and their families while simultaneously educating our students about this important day and all that it represents,” said SCA CEO Barry Lollis.  

The Disabled American Veterans (D.A.V.) is a National Organization whose goal is to help disabled veterans. They do this by providing services through the local V.A. Clinic here in Savannah. They also help disabled veterans who need help to pay utilities, purchase groceries and/or pay medical bills. There are many other services the D.A.V. provides which are too numerous to mention. 

It is the philosophy of Savannah Classical Academy that all students benefit from a rigorous, content-rich, educational program that develops academic potential and personal character. The school provides an environment that fosters academic excellence through the habits of thoroughness, the willingness to work, and the perseverance to complete difficult tasks. Through a defined traditional, Classical-Liberal curriculum, students are prepared to become active, responsible members of their community.  

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