SCA Announces Transition from on Campus Instruction to Distance Learning

Savannah Classical Academy (SCA) announces that the school campus, located at 705 E. Anderson Street, will transition from on campus instruction to distance learning after Spring break concludes at the end of this week.  All classes at SCA will take place using an online format from March 24th 2020 when students return to their studies to complete the semester’s curriculum. 

In response to health concerns regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus), the charter school board and faculty held an emergency meeting and took advice from experts in public safety, emergency management, higher education, and student success. SCA made this decision as a precaution and to date, no student, employee or volunteer has tested positive for COVID-19. SCA has an emergency operation plan in place which enables effective distance learning via online resources.

“SCA is committed to the wellbeing of every student and employee and has not taken this decision lightly.  We are undertaking additional deep cleaning on campus during the spring break and, as always working to deliver the best education possible to every student during these challenging times. Our instructional staff is committed and prepared to continue to provide the best learning experiences for our students,” said SCA Executive Director Barry Lollis.