Savannah Classical Academy Partners With Varsity Tutors To Improve Students’ Academic Success

SAVANNAH, GA – April 18, 2023 – Savannah Classical Academy (SCA) has partnered with Varsity Tutors to provide tutoring support in English/Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science. 

This investment by Savannah’s only K-12 charter school provides a valuable resource for students of all ages as it offers 24/7 support in the classroom and at home. With courses designed for K-8 students, through to high school SAT and college preparation courses as well as enrichment activities, SCA students can access certified teachers via a chat-based function wherever and whenever they need it. SCA is providing this personalized and unlimited real-time tutoring from experts at no cost to the students’ families. Students can focus on the academic areas for which they need help and the tutoring support is especially valuable for term paper evaluation, test preparation and personalized guidance from certified teachers. In addition to academic studies, extracurricular classes are offered with an extensive range of options from financial literacy to celebrity-led live courses about space and more. SCA is the only school in the district to offer this state-of-the art technology which facilitates learning. Within the State of Georgia only Douglas County students in metro Atlanta have access to Varsity Tutors through their school. SCA’s innovative culture is leading efforts to improve students’ academic successes. 

“SCA is proud to have introduced Varsity Tutors as a valuable tool for our students to build on the exceptional learning opportunities already offered by our faculty, curricula and programs,” said Barry Lollis, CEO. “Every student is an individual with their own way of learning, and we want to make sure that they have additional  high quality resources to excel in their classes. This investment will help our students continue to achieve superior academic results.”   

Varsity tutors at SCA are experienced and certified educators who have been rigorously vetted and can provide instruction in English and Spanish. Adaptive diagnostics helps SCA students learn where they need to focus and provides a roadmap to improvement to help each student master challenging skills at their own pace. 

Savannah Classical Academy (SCA) was founded in Chatham County in 2013 as a lottery enrollment public charter school. SCA’s mission is to provide every child with a classical and academically rigorous education while instilling a commitment to civic virtue and moral character. SCA is committed to developing literate and articulate students who will become active, responsible members of the community and will make a positive contribution to society.