Savannah Classical Academy Announces New CCRPI Scores

Savannah Classical Academy (SCA) announces a stable year for the charter school as the 2019 College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI) scores are released by The Georgia Department of Education. SCA made huge progress in these respected progress measurement tools in 2018, a year when their charter was renewed for five years.

SCA’s elementary and middle school achieved an overall score of 66.6, and the charter school’s high school achieved a score of 74.9. SCA received the highest score of all elementary charter schools in the district, with SCA’s high school score close to those of district specialty high schools. This is especially meaningful as, unlike district specialty high schools who can select their students based on academic and behavioral requirements, charter schools like SCA have no such enrollment criteria.   

Commenting on these results, SCA Director Mr. Barry Lollis said, “We are confident with our continued investment in school resources that student achievement outcomes this year will be among the highest in the district.”  

The CCRPI scores announced today are the second year that the Department of Education is using a calculation that reflects the opportunities schools offer students – from fine arts to career education – rather than a focus strictly on standardized test scores.

“We are confident in the continued development of SCA and knew that after the great leap in progress last year that this year would not be such a significant one when the data was released. It is clear that SCA offers our students a quality education provided by dedicated teachers,” said Board of Directors Chairman Scott McGhie.