Dr. Sinisa Ciric


Dr. Ciric attended school at the Fine Arts Academy in Novi Sad, Serbia and University of Georgia and received his Doctoral Degree in Violin Performance. 

He has experience volunteering in numerous performances of concerts given for various organizations and the community in general. 

Dr. Ciric has 20 years of teaching experience and seeks to make the world a better place through helping young people achieve their dreams. 

When prepping for the first day of school he makes sure all the music stands, chairs and instruments are in place and ready for music to fill the air. 

His favorite part about teaching is the ability to change a student’s life – the knowledge that he is able to give to the students is something that no one can take away from them and will be with them for a lifetime. He teaches and motivates his students by example, hard work and dedication leading to success. 

Favorite Subject(s) to Teach: Music