Dexter Thomas

Upper School Dean of Students

Mr. Thomas earned a Bachelor of Science in Health & Physical Education from Georgia State University, and a Masters in Curriculum & Instruction Education from Jacksonville State University. He has gained volunteer experience through supporting many different organizations including, Real Men Give Back, coaching softball, and reading at Daycare Camp Humphreys. 

Mr. Thomas has seven years of teaching under his belt and aims to excite, mold and impact young minds and our future leaders of society. When prepping for the first day of school he doesn’t try to do it all alone, imparting assistance from his mom, niece and former students to get his classroom ready for students. 

A driving motivator is seeing that lightbulb moment that students have when they figure out a solution to a problem. He motivates students by working with them to set realistic goals and allowing students as much control over their education as possible. 

Favorite Subject(s) to Teach: Physical Education & Life Skills