A Message from SCA’s Board of Directors and Administration

June 4th 2020

The Board of Directors and Administration of Savannah Classical Academy grieves with our students and families as we are again confronted with violent police brutality toward our black friends and neighbors. We stand in solidarity with you and the millions of voices around the world in publicly and directly condemning police brutality and the systemic and institutional racism that fuels it.

Students, we know that many of you are in pain, scared, and angry. We know that you are disappointed to find that some adults are not displaying the virtues of compassion, courage, diligence, integrity, perseverance, respect, temperance, and responsibility. These are virtues that you have committed to uphold and to which Savannah Classical Academy has held you accountable. Savannah Classical is committed to supporting you, and we trust that these virtues will guide you, as you become active members of our community who positively contribute to the changes we so desperately need.

Parents, we know that many of you are having (or continuing to have) difficult yet courageous conversations with your children. What is happening feels inexplicable, and the burden you carry is heavy. Savannah Classical is committed to shouldering this burden with you, and we thank you for the opportunity to partner with you in raising civic-minded, active, and responsible members of our community.

Faculty, Staff, and School Leaders, we know that your hearts are heavy. Many of you are directly suffering because of the violent attacks on your community. All of you empathize and feel the pain that our students and colleagues directly feel. We know that we have asked so much of you already this year, and we are committed to supporting and comforting you during this time.

As part of the Savannah Classical Academy family, you know that we are more than just a school. You know that our mission is literally “to . . . instill a commitment to civic virtue and moral character.” You have seen that we accomplish our mission by “creat[ing] culturally literate and articulate students who will become active, responsible members of the community and [who] will make a positive contribution to society.” There is no greater call to civic virtue and moral character than to repeatedly and unequivocally declare that every single black life

We also know that societal change comes slowly and with difficulty. For our part, Savannah Classical remains committed to the following:

· Emphasizing whole history by critically questioning colonialism, probing the legacy of slavery, and honoring the activists who have fought for change throughout centuries and across continents.

· Modeling civic responsibility and teaching students how to engage in the civic processes that promote change like voting, running for office, and pursuing other opportunities for public service.

· Teaching students how to think critically to analyze problems, creatively develop solutions, and successfully implement those solutions.

· Introducing students to lawyers and public servants in the community who are engaged in bringing positive change to our community.

· Providing opportunities for students to learn how to research, identify reliable sources of information, and present well-reasoned arguments in the classic style of debate.

This list is not exhaustive because we, like you, are emotionally drained, but these are the actions that in this moment we know we can commit to taking. We will do more, we must do more, and we invite you to be a part of the conversations for how we can do more for our students, our parents, our faculty and staff, and our community. While these are extremely trying times that often leave us fearful of the unknown, our virtues of compassion, courage, diligence, integrity, perseverance, respect, temperance, and responsibility unite us and will carry us through our shared pain and grief. Together, we will do our part to declare America’s truth that all men and women are created equal.

For now, and perhaps most importantly, we offer you our comfort, sympathy, and empathy. If you need a safe place to talk, we are here for you. If you need help talking to your children, we are here for you. If you need help identifying community resources we are here for you. You can contact us at V.Brooks@scasav.org for support or visit our website for a list of resources.

Remember, though the arch of the moral universe is long, it bends toward justice.


Savannah Classical Academy
Board of Directors and Administration