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What is a Classical Education? 

Classical education is rooted in the ancient Greek philosophy that the purpose of education is provide a better citizenry. Classical education uses great literature, great music, great art, rigorous and challenging study in language arts, including Spanish as a second language and teaching of Latin and Greek roots, science, and history to educate children in the ways of civil society. The Savannah Classical Academy will provide children a challenging content-rich education. 

What’s happening at SCA: 

  • Mastery of core subjects will take priority. 
  • Literacy will be taught through an explicit phonics program in the elementary grades. 
  • Math will be taught conceptually.  
  • All students will study history using mainly primary source documents, which will foster analytical skills and increased insight into culture and heritage. 
  • All students will be trained in study skills such as time management, organization, note taking and research. 
  • Instruction in the classical virtues will be integrated throughout the curriculum and at all grade levels. 
  • The study of Latin and Greek roots will be integrated into the curriculum. 
  • The instructional day will be extended by 60 minutes each day, providing an additional 300 minutes of instructional time per week and an additional 180 hours per year. 
  • Riggs Explicit Phonics K-2 
Be Virtuous. Be Studious.

2014 Five-Star Climate Rating (1 of only 5 out of 54 schools in SCCPSS)

Voted 2nd Best Public School in Savannah – Savannah Magazine 2015

We are dedicated to providing a rigorous classical-liberal education to all our students

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